Aseel is a wonderful, caring massage therapist, who tailors each session to what I need each time I see her. She has that great combination of compassion, as well as excellent knowledge of anatomy and good massage techniques. I recommend her highly!

Ruth Anne K.

I had my first massage with Aseel, and it was, without exaggeration, truly life changing. I had never felt so relaxed and loose in my life, and I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone I know. I felt very comfortable the entire experience, and Aseel overall makes it easy to relax and unwind. She is sure to follow through with what she is working on rather than stop arbitrarily, thereby making sure you're leaving the session feeling like a lot of work has been done. 

Nick K.

I am an active person who likes to maintain a strict workout regimen. As a consequence I am often left with lingering stiffness, particularly in my back and shoulders. After a number of appointments with Aseel my back and body were on the mend and ready to maintain my workout routines. Aseel is an incredibly courteous therapist, always asking which areas to focus on and then following up with ideas on how to stretch properly to avoid injury or discomfort. If you are looking for a very talented therapist who is a pleasure to work with then I highly recommended booking an appointment with Aseel. 

Will S.

I’m a tall, busty woman that works in the service industry… which means that I put my body through the wringer on a regular basis, especially my back. Aseel has worked on me a few times, and I have never before been to a practitioner who seemed so in-tune to what was happening with my body. Her motions were very fluid and synchronous, and the pressure and energy she assumed were just intense enough without being weak or overwhelming. She was careful to explain when doing something new, checked in with me to make sure that I was always comfortable, and also let me relax and zone out when it wasn’t necessary that I be engaged! Every time, I’ve walked away with noticeably-less pain and tightness right away, but the positive effects also lingered much longer than the day or two that I’d expect.  I’m impressed by her unique skill set, as well as her commitment to bettering herself and strengthening her craft, and I will definitely continue seeing her whenever I can!

Emma L.

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